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The Toxic Beach

Yesterday we beached the boat at the Bluff Yacht Club to get some work done on it that couldn’t be done while it was in the water. Unfortunately this isn’t a beach that you’d want to swim in as the water is filled with all sorts of chemicals and oils. All the pollution has turned the beach into this toxic soup, you step in to brown muck and leave a trail of black oily footprints behind you, and don’t even get me started on the smell of it. Another thing the water is so bad that if you look at the water while its nice and sunny out the water turns a rainbow color, which is beautiful until you realize its because of all the oil in the water, and if you motor around you leave a trail of black behind you as your boat stirs up all the pollution just under the surface of the water. Well anyways its day two of us being beached here as the work unfortunately took longer then yesterday but we hope to be leaving here around 4pm when high tide comes back in. Will be quite happy to be off the beach as the last 2 days have been like living in the Crazy Kitchen(only those of you from Ottawa will probably get that reference) as the entire boats been on a steep slant and its difficult to position myself when I sleep to not roll off my bed. Anyways you might have noticed but one of things we’ve fixed was that our bottom step was in the water, we’ve raised the step so it’ll be above the waterline now and no longer have this useless submerged step.

Well anyways that’s about all I have to say about that, gonna be a fun Halloween chilling here on this 45 degree slope.

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