Adventures in Sailing

The Decision

Everyone that knows me, knows that I like to have a good party now and then…  The last 15 years I have lived in a fairly large house that is well laid out for having parties.  And over the years, there have been some pretty good ones.

Well the boys are getting older and going to University, etc.   I finally admitted that I should probably downsize :(

But then I thought … for the last 6 years I have working almost exclusively from home.   And I’ve been saying that I can work anywhere with internet.  I have done some extensive traveling and been able to work in the day, then explore in the evening.  I need a change though.  Then I thought, hey what about a Sailboat.  Hmmm… I thought about it for awhile.  And then decided that it was the right thing to do.  But it can’t be just any sailboat.  It will have to big enough to be a party boat!! :)

So I made the decision.  I’m selling the house and buying a sailboat.  It will be a catamaran if I can find the right one.   The house will go up for sale in early 2016, with hopes of closing by July 2016 when the boys are finished school for the year.  I plan on buying the boat before then if I can figure out interim financing.

Stay tuned …

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