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The Bluff Yacht Club

The last few days have been pretty relaxed as the stress of getting the boat in the water is finally at its end. After we docked on Friday we had originally moored onto two buoys but the morning after everybody but me had left on the dinghy and went to the store for various supplies and I was stuck alone on the boat in the middle of the water as i noticed we were rotating a substantial amount as I would look out sometimes and front was facing Bluff and others the rear was facing Bluff. I spun round and round for a couple hours as i waited for the others to get back and when they did the boat that was in our spot had been moved so we were able to properly dock. So we went to remove our mooring to the buoys and as we went to remove one of them the whole buoy came up! It seems the old ropes couldn’t hold us and must have just tore sometime during the night. After that we successfully docked at the public dock of the Bluff Yacht Club without any problems.

Although the Bluff Yacht Club isn’t the largest Yacht Club in Durban nor the best guarded but it’s probably the safest due to it being in a more isolated area then the other ports. The people here are very friendly and are happy to help with anything you might need, when we docked many came over to help guide us and get us tied up properly. Its got many people working on building or repairing their boats throughout the place and things are always happening. The place has a canteen where they serve some great food and a bar with very cheap drinks and a very friendly barkeep. Hopefully we will be getting our mast up tomorrow but we’ve come to expect delays here in South Africa so who knows if it will happen then or later.

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