Adventures in Sailing


Finally an Actual Sailboat

So its taken me waaaay too long to write this, been having trouble thinking of what to write so I’ll just keep it short. Sails didn’t arrive on the 21st, but fortunately they came in on the 24th early in the day. They were wrapped very small but it takes several people to move them and even then it was no easy task. The Ullman Sails guys were pretty professional so we got the sails up in just a few hours, fortunately problems were minimal so not much to talk about.

P.S. Sincerely apologize how long these posts have taken to be published, been a stressful few weeks.

Anchors and Beer

Hasn’t been the most eventful week as we’ve basically just been waiting for the sails to come in but we’ve had some interesting things happen. On Tuesday our anchors came in and we managed get them on the boat without dropping them. Tim’s been up the mast several times setting up the radar and getting lines prepared for the sails. Tides have been quite high, the dock keeps getting submerged in water making it quite a wet trip to the car. On Tuesday we also had another boat pull up in-front of us and I ended up talking with both them and our other neighbors for quite a while.(Although then Tim had to be lowered from the mast so I had to you know go back and help with that.)

Later that day we invited them all over to have some beers and hangout, they told us about lots of stuff that we had to do while we were still in Durban. Visiting the market, going to water park, swimming with sharks, you know that sort of thing. We have yet to take them up on any of their offers but hopefully we can make time to do some stuff with them before we leave Durban. The day after we decided to go down to some South African bars.

First we went to Dropkick Murphy’s which there food was quite good and I have to say in Africa they don’t fuck around with hot sauce, there is two setting not hot and hot, and when they say hot the mean its goddamn hot. We then had a few beers and wandered off to look around the area for another bar to go to, we then found House of Curries which was a very interesting bar as it was divided into different sections that had completely different vibes, one section looked like a family restaurant, one a traditional looking bar, another a more rustic bar, a club, and overlooking it was a more modern looking bar at the top. We had several beers and I talked to this guy named Dylan who offered to take us fishing and teach us how but I haven’t gotten back to him on that yet. Sails should be coming in tommorow, fingers crossed its actually gonna happen then.

Meeting with the Sail Makers

Today Tim, Nastya and I went over to Ullman Sails early in the morning to meet with the guys making our sails. We arrived and went up to the office and met with the manager of the branch and he told us that they had already begun cutting the sails for us and we should be on track to have them finished in around a week! The manager then told us that it was really rare for them to have the sails made this quick but because we came at a time when there was no queue they didn’t have anything else to do. We then signed the papers for the sails and paid are deposit, then the manager took us for a short tour of the facility and gave us all complimentary tote bags.

After we got back from Ullman’s the wind was quite calm so Tim decided it was a good time to try going up in the chair to install the radar mount. Fortunately we had no issues with that, no tragic accidents or anything. Brody and I then went to getting water out of the bilges which was quite messy as the pump’s hose kept coming loose sending water EVERYWHERE. After the bilges were finally drained we then had to use every old towel we had to wipe up the bilge water covering the room.