Adventures in Sailing


First Day Sailing

Well, that was a great day of sailing.  Len and his son Jay showed up early to take us on our first sailing excursion.  It was blowing 20 knots so we motored out into the main part of the harbour so that we could hoist the sails for the first time while pointing into the wind.  We made some adjustments and radioed the harbour master asking for permission to go out for a day sail.  Permission granted so off we went.  We motored out of the harbour and then  … we were sailing 🙂

Now the seas are quite a bit more rough than in the harbour.  With the sails up all the way and the genoa up we were making 10 knots easy.  We went down wind as far as the stadium then tacked our way back to the harbour entrance.  A good pre-test of the boat’s capabilities.

Now you may be wondering why Sean didn’t write this post.  Well, that story starts the night before at the bar a couple of marinas over.  He had quite a few drinks and was in no shape to crawl up onto deck for the entire experience.  Brody & Anastasia did pretty well.  Myself I thoroughly loved the waves and movement of the boat.  A nice change from the quiet marina.

We were sailing!!!