Adventures in Sailing


Boys coming

On the 2nd of September Brody and Sean arrived at King Shaka International Airport in Durban. We picked up the boys and went to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. When we got to the boat everyone was hungry so we decided to go get some Domino’s Pizza for dinner. We had a very great evening sitting around talking and have some drinks. The next day was very good too, we went to the Lion Park which is like a small safari. Maybe we went the wrong time because we didn’t see any animals, just lions in their enclosure.  And as we were leaving we saw a rhino by the entrance.


After the Zoo we went together to do a little shopping,  and the evening was great. Just I had a small accident with a bottle of Coke. I went to the bunks room to get a coke 2 liter bottle. Everything was fine until I took one bottle of coke and one other i put down on the bunks bed. I was about to leave and then the other bottle fell down and exploded making everything very wet and sticky. It got all over me and the room looks very bad as its covered in coke. Thankfully Brody helped me a lot clean all this mess so it didn’t take too long to clean up. Now everyone knows not to leave things out where they are liable to fall down on the boat.. Every one thinks we will probably be finding sticky coke residue in that room for weeks to come.