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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Third Third Saturday

Hey people back in Ottawa, I’ve been very busy lately getting our boat in shipshape but fortunately today I managed to get some pokemon-ing in for the third third Saturday! Although I didn’t catch more then like 20, it wasn’t all Pidgeys and Rattatas so that was good haha. Here’s a couple of the more interesting things I caught today (plus a Krabby).

We started the day with getting some practice steering the boat and I turned on Pokemon Go while I waited for my turn and a Mankey appeared right there on the deck immediately, caught him without and trouble then went onto steering, turned on my phone afterwards and caught a couple Tentacools, Pinsirs and Weedles as well. After getting back I lay down to listen to music for a while only to check Pokemon Go and see an Ivysaur right there, it took  half a dozen ultraballs but hey i got him and filled out that Pokedex entry! Later was walking around the yacht club and ran into a Scyther which i managed to catch after a few tries. Not many more Pokemon catching happened today other then a lone Krabby that attacked us while we were at the bar.

Niantic Please

Went to Southern Durban with my father today and much to his annoyance I spent most the time trying to play Pokemon Go. I was very happy to see actual Pokestops for the first time in ages and got a couple pokeballs, but I had no luck with filling my dwindling egg supply. I saw a nearby Valor gym and decided I’d take it for the glory of Team Instinct but alas every time I tried to fight I got an Error message, although it was disappointing not being able to take down my first South African gym it wasn’t too big of a deal. As we were about to leave the mall we were at I see a nice plump Snorlax on my radar, my father was in a hurry so sadly I didn’t have time to look for it.

So we hopped in the car only to stop at the traffic light right by the mall and then my phone buzzed and I was delighted to see Snorlax pop up on my screen. I attempted to catch him several times but unfortunately luck was not on my side and my African Snorlax ran away. On the bright side while I was out I did manage to pick my self up two Clefairys and a Bulbasaur, but still the sting of failing to catch a Snorlax is always hard to shake.

Pinsir’s of Durban Harbor


When we were living in the boat-builder’s yard there wasn’t anywhere to go to play Pokemon Go due to it being the countryside, so you could probably expect i was quite happy to see there was Pokemon around the dock. Seeing as there wasn’t much to do but wait for the crane to come and put our boat in the water i grabbed my dads phone(my Canadian phone would costs a fortune in data charges to use here) and headed down the street to see if I could find anything, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to go far to find my first South African Pokemon. Although it wasn’t anything fancy Ekans weren’t the most common sight in Ottawa and I still need an Arbok so I was happy with this being my first catch. Sadly the Ekans had other plans in mind and just instantly fled after one attempt. A little disappointed I put my phone in my pocket only to have it buzz nearly instantly and i took it right back up to see a Pinsir on the screen. Not having caught a Pinsir before I was quite excited and just went straight for the Ultra Ball & Razz Berry. Fortunately this guy wasn’t near as rude as the Ekans from earlier and stayed in the ball. And so my first Pokemon in South Africa was a Pinsir a result I’m quite happy with.


I kinda figured I had stumbled upon a rare pokemon but as I went out later that day I found not just another Pinsir but three all grouped together although none of them had 80%+
IVs like the first Pinsir, I did manage to catch all of them successfully. At the time of writing this I’ve caught 8 Pinsirs in the Durban area and that’s out of the 30 Pokemon I’ve caught total, so I’m willing to bet these guys are around as common in Durban as Drowzees are in Ottawa.