Adventures in Sailing


Our New Braai

Here in South Africa the word “Braai” is used for BBQ, both as a noun and an verb.  Here in Durban, South Africa we found it very difficult to source an all stainless steel BBQ for the boat.  We did find a nice one but it was intended for an outside patio and was HUGE!  I did think about it for awhile then decided I needed something large for a boat, not large for a house.

Finally Stephen at SkiPort Supply was able to get one from Cape Town for us.  It is a very nice Chef camper BBQ with the optional yacht rail mounting.  At first glance everything looks very sturdy and well made. Upon closer inspection there are a couple things I don’t like about it.  First of all it comes with chrome grills.  I mean what were they thinking?  I will get them replaced when I get a chance.  Second there is no latch to keep it closed when under way.  Okay that to I can probably fix later.  The third thing was that there is no thermometer on top.  I think I can get one of those later as well.  But if you look at the price we paid, it is an insane amount for something not having all those options already.  Oh and it probably needs a cover as well.

Everyone was looking forward to a BBQ tonight so I had to make sure I had everything required to hook it up.  We picked up a 5 kg fiberglass tank.  Now the tank has one fitting and the BBQ has another.  So I picked up a new hose and fitting to put on.  Also filled up the propane tank (the guy had never seen a fiberglass one before and took a long time to actually fill it).  We hooked everything up and had a successful test light of the BBQ.  It was going to be a good night 🙂

We picked up some very nice steaks at the Pick n Pay (local grocery chain).  We sparked up the braai and waited a few minutes for it to warm up.  Now it didn’t seem to warm up very fast.  We played with it awhile turning it off and on, making sure both burners were lit and decided to put the steaks on anyway.  We didn’t actually time it, but nobody felt that the inside of the bbq was very hot (although the top was).  Eventually, the test cuts revealed a nicely done steak.  They were very thick (3.5 cm) so they did take awhile.  We sat down to enjoy the steak as the rest of the meal had already been finished long ago.  Wow these steaks were very juicy and flavourful.  We don’t actually have steak knives yet and regular table knives were sufficient to cut through them.  So maybe this Braai was awesome after all.  We will have to try it again before making a final decision.