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St.Helena to Fernando de Noronha

We departed St Helena on 27 Jan 2017 early in the morning.  Last night we had changed our mind again about our next destination.  We were headed to Fernando de Noronha, a small island 300 kms off the coast of Brazil.  We had met a lot of friends in St Helena and hoped we would see them again on our trip either in Fernando de Noronha, Grenada, or …   Two of the yachts were Adina and Belafonte (Canadian couple).

We are have good sailing from St.Helena to Fernando de Noronha. First day we go fast and make 214 km and after this wind go down and the next 8 days we go very slow, with only 130 to 160 km per day. But this very good for fishing. Some day we are have very nice fishing days.

One day we are catch very scary and very ugly fish (type of Snoek I believe)

After this we go 10 more days more fast making 170 to 220 km per day. We go faster and like more but be hard every 3 hours drive boat. Our autopilot stop working before we come to St.Helena. Water come inside to autopilot and this why he just stop working. I love sailing and some days you see very nice sun set.

I have my shift for drive with 12 am  to 3 am. Marion just finish her time for drive 12 am and go sleep. This is 16 February time close to 1 am and big wave coming.  Marion sleep with open window and all water come on her. She scared and come very fast. She thinking storm coming and I need her help. After she see I’m fine and understand everything what happened she try clean her room and make her self dry. This take maybe 1 hour. Moon stay full and I see everything what happened.

Tim awake and take his shift 3 am. But after 2 hours drive he awake me and say we need close genoa because big wind coming. This take couple minutes for I coming and we see this already storm coming very big rain and wind. Close genoa we be very wet. Every one coming to salon and nobody don’t want go to sleep.

Day be very good we have great wind and go very fast. After to Island stay 1 hour drive and we very good start see land again big rain coming. We stop see land. We close genoa but we no start go more slow steal have very high speed. One just what good rain stop after 10 minutes and we start again see island. Moon be full but after rain we have fog and we are see where to go but not clear. After we start see boats we decide not go very close to them. We drop anchor and stop for night in Fernando de Noronha. We have couple beer and go sleep. Finish our  3200 km!

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