Adventures in Sailing

Port Elizabeth to Cape Town

We left Port Elizabeth, South Africa early (4am) on Christmas Day 2016.  It was going to be a 5 day trip.

We have had 2 fishing rods out and a line with a bungee behind us most of the way.  On the 28th it was getting dark around 9pm and we decided to pull in the lines before our shift was over and Brody took over the helm while we slept.  As I started to pull in the hand line (with bungee) I thought I could see something on the line.  Sure enough there was a nice fish on it.  Still not sure the exact name.  Richard said it was a Tippee but I couldn’t find anything on Google with that name.  We are hoping for more fish soon!

We saw dolphins several times but this was the most we saw at one time.  It was the 29th of Dec and as we looked out we saw about 30 dolphins coming towards the boat.  It was quite the scene.  We watched them swim around the boat for about 20 minutes before they departed.

On the 29th we rounded the Cape of Good Hope which is the southern most part of Africa.  The mountain views were amazing.

It was getting late on the 29th and it looked like it would be past midnight by the time we arrived in Cape Town.  We were trying to decide if we should find a place to anchor for the night and continue in the morning or just continue and try to find a place in the dark at Cape Town. Again Richard came to our rescue and found a contact at the Marina where there was a berth we could stay in.  We arrived around 1:30 am on the 30th.  Now it is very tight berths at the Royal Cape Yacht Club and we have a big boat.  Fortunately it was dead calm as I’m not sure I could have made it in there otherwise.  Our boat is longer (15 meters) than the distance between the boats so maneuvering into our spot was challenging.  I have learned one thing about steering catamarans.  If you are going slow don’t use the rudder, keep it straight and use the engines to rotate (on the spot) and slowly maneuver into place.

We tied up, and I opened a beer.  Whew…. was a long trip.

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