Adventures in Sailing

Out of the Yard and Ready to Go

Yesterday afternoon we moved out of the yard and to the side of a nearby road to prepare for the move day. Maybe a simple sounding task but with such a massive boat this proved a much harder task then anticipated. We started moving early in the morning and quickly ran into many problems. First off the truck cab was running into the side of the boat whenever it turned, so we had to remove the truck panels on the side of the cab. Then we had the whole mud problem making turning a nightmare as the wheels would turn but the truck would just slide forward regardless, pushed by the weight of the boat weighing it down. Then we ran into the retainer wall of the koi pond and with how heavy the truck is you cant turn around so the workers had to smash the corner of the retainer wall to not damage the boat. With many obstacles we managed to eventually make it out of the yard and as it moved along the dirt road a nearby neighbor let out his dogs to see us and it was quite nice petting all the dogs.

As we finally parked we got up on the boat and got ready to make dinner as it was past 5. Then we were interrupted before we could start making anything by a group of people wanting to take a look at the boat, and then another group of people after that! We were happy to show them around the boat as they were quite friendly people and when they saw our food out they apologized for interrupting our dinner and invited us over for a Braii their family was having in a bit. We gladly accepted this offer so me and Brody headed over nearly immediately with some beer to go socialize with these folks. They were very great hosts and it was quite a fun time talking to them.

The next morning I was quite groggy from staying up most of the night on guard duty(we no longer had the luxury of an electric fence surrounding us) and Grant, the host of the Braii from yesterday invited us to come to church with him. Although we aren’t religious folk Brody and I were happy to come along and experience a South African church. It ended up being a pretty good time and many people there wanted to hear about Canada and about our plans of sailing across the Atlantic. Past two days have been exciting and hopefully tonight will be no different as we will begin our journey to Durban harbor.

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