Adventures in Sailing

Our first couple days on the boat

We are very happy with our decision to stop renting a flat on airbnb and move onto the boat (on land, It is still not ready for sailing but everything is working for living on. One thing that we aren’t allowed to do is use the toilets on the boat. We only have cold water because we don’t run the engines and the hot water tank is heated from the engines..  I try to finish cleaning and Tim wants to finish installing electronics. On the kitchen everything works well, we are trying the stove and oven. We just yesterday discovered that we have an electric oven (we assumed it was gas like the stove top). This made us a little sad. Our best decision was to buy a big fridge (no freezer),  we have a separate freezer.  This is very good as this way we will always have fresh food.  We already made dinner a couple times on the boat. It is nice live in our own place. Yesterday in evening we just sat outside and had a couple drinks and looked at the stars (Southern hemisphere).



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