Adventures in Sailing

New Years in Cape Town

By the time we had reached Cape Town, Sean and Brody had decided they had enough of sailing. So they got on a plane back home on New Years Eve. It was sad to see them go. Anastasia and I weren’t sure we wanted to go without at least one more crew. I went on the Cape2Rio website and sent an e-mail to all the people that were still looking to be crew for the crossing. I only had a couple of responses but we did find someone (Marion) to join us for the trip to Brazil. She is originally from Reunion Island and has been hitch-hiking (hitch-sailing) around for awhile.

Here we are on New Years Eve.

I think these guys were sea lions basking in the sun beside us.

There was a bit of a celebration at the Royal Cape Yacht Club where we were staying as it was New Years Eve and the Cape To Rio race was departing the next day. We had decided we would depart on the 1st of January as well if we could get everything ready and our paperwork done.

A few photos of the Royal Cape Yacht Club and the view from it.

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