Adventures in Sailing

Monkeys on the Durban Boardwalk


On September 5th the four of us went down to walk along the Durban boardwalk. Me and Brody touched the Indian Ocean for the first time and we saw many people pedaling various goods along the beachfront and people trying various methods of begging for money.


After an hour or so we grabbed some ice cream and started heading back to the car and we ran into a few monkeys feasting on various junk people had tossed them. Brody tossed them what was left of his ice cream and one started eating it off the spoon, and Nastya later jokingly offered them some wet-naps and one ran up took it right out of her hands and tried to rip it open and eat it. We then went back to the car to be welcomed by the sight of what you see every time you head back to your car, somebody with his hand out wanting money for not letting anybody break into your car, even though you know full well they aren’t going to do anything if someone actually tries to.


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