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Meeting with the Sail Makers

Today Tim, Nastya and I went over to Ullman Sails early in the morning to meet with the guys making our sails. We arrived and went up to the office and met with the manager of the branch and he told us that they had already begun cutting the sails for us and we should be on track to have them finished in around a week! The manager then told us that it was really rare for them to have the sails made this quick but because we came at a time when there was no queue they didn’t have anything else to do. We then signed the papers for the sails and paid are deposit, then the manager took us for a short tour of the facility and gave us all complimentary tote bags.

After we got back from Ullman’s the wind was quite calm so Tim decided it was a good time to try going up in the chair to install the radar mount. Fortunately we had no issues with that, no tragic accidents or anything. Brody and I then went to getting water out of the bilges which was quite messy as the pump’s hose kept coming loose sending water EVERYWHERE. After the bilges were finally drained we then had to use every old towel we had to wipe up the bilge water covering the room.

3 Responses to Meeting with the Sail Makers

  • I have been reading your blog with great interest. Looks like this will be a great adventure for all.

    Looking forward to future updates!

  • Just doing a little figuring in my head and the size of your main will be the size of a football field!!! OK, a little large but a pretty good size main sail! Enjoying your blog.

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