Adventures in Sailing

Life on the boat

Sometimes it’s a fun life not living in a normal house.  Everyday is different,  every day you need to think what you will do in the evening after the sun goes down. This is hard because the sun goes down at 6 pm and not to much to do now because we’re still on land. Last night we are turned up the music and had a small party with just two of us, but it was still a great and fun party. Hopefully this will be a little better after Sean & Brody are here. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done before the boat goes to water and some times we think that it’s good thing that we’ve been delayed because we are still on land with a workshop beside us so its easy to fix anything we find isn’t working right.  It is definitely easier to finish everything before we go on the water. Usually we like living on the boat because this is our new home and we love it.

Rental car under the boat

Rental car under the boat

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