Adventures in Sailing


Today we decided to go to Lesotho to fix my visa. The South Africa embassy in Ukraine gave me a multiple entry visa for 3 months but I’m allowed to stay in the country for only 1 month at a time. I need do passport control and we were thinking of what to do and decided to take Suni Pass road and go up to Lesotho control board on the Sani mountain lodge. This was a very beautiful view. We drove for around 3 hours and this was very nice see Africa, and see how people live and how they looked.

We went to Lesotho control and they say I was not allowed to come in because I needed a visa. And the guy asked us what we are wanted to do. We were thinking that we’d just come back if I needed visa. He took us with him to another room and said if we wanted to come into the country we need to give him a little money.  We drove into Lesotho to a small village that they have for tourists. This is small little village where a lot of huts are in ruins and falling apart and although they still don’t look to bad inside they smell really bad of burnt something. It’s hard to understand why people live there, or maybe this is just a show for tourists so people will give them money. We are not stay there long time just turn around and decided come back to boat. This was a very nice trip and we see a lot the mountains. This is something that you don’t see every day.

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