Adventures in Sailing


As I adjust to life on the boat (boat still on land) I am having to realize that internet as I knew it is gone. 🙁

At home in Ottawa I had 150 Megabytes / second down and no limits …. we easily reached 2 Terabytes / month of downloads during the summer with everyone home.  Now this is more than some cities have in the remoter parts of the world.  I am now happy if I have 5 Megabytes / second download but that doesn’t happen very often.  Sigh

I did purchase a wifi and cellphone range extender called the Wirie (  It claims a range of 14 km for wifi for connecting unlocked wifi on shore.  I haven’t tried out the cellphone extender bit for it yet.  It definitely extends the range of the wifi a lot on land.  I have temporarily connected it to one of the railings but it is recommended to be mounted 1.2 meter above the roof.  I will figure out a permanent mounting once the back rack (with solar panels) and the mast are installed.

The Wirie Pro

The Wirie Pro

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