Adventures in Sailing


We have 2 fishing rods. One is a good off-shore rod and reel that we purchased at the KingFisher in Durban. The other is a smaller rod & reel for smaller fish. We also purchased some 100 Kg line and very heavy duty bungee cord. I created a bungee fishing line by putting the 100 Kg line through 2 meters of the bungee, pulling the bungee to 4 meters and tieing the line. I should have taken a photo, it is hard to describe. I will make another one. At any rate we caught a couple of good sized YellowTail KingFish with the bungee line. The bungee really tires the fish out and they are easy to pull by hand with the thick line. We also caught a couple of birds on the fishing lines. One I managed to get off the line, leaving it with just a tongue piercing. The other one went under the water and we had to cut the line, it never re-surfaced. A couple days later I went to check on the bungee fishing line … and it was gone. Snapped clean off. Now I’m not sure what size fish was able to snap that 100 kg line, but I probably didn’t want to find out either. I have another 2 meters of bungee but no more 100 kg line. I will make another one when I can get some good line again. That bungee is the most expensive thing. It costs $20 / meter in Durban.

We did catch a couple of SkipJack Tuna. The first one wasn’t that big and when we cut it open it had a lot of white spots (parasites) in it. We decided to toss it back. The other was much larger (60 cm long) and 15-20 kg. It was tough reeling it in. It also had a few white spots inside but the fishing book said they were not harmful to man so we kept it. Anastasia has become quite good at pulling (not cutting) all the meat off the bones. The freezer was full with fish meat after that.

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