Adventures in Sailing

First couple days in Durban, South Africa

We arrived in Durban around 10 am and went for lunch at the yacht club with the boat broker (Roland) and the builder (Len) where we are thinking of mooring our boat. It is a very nice place and a lot of boats in the water.  I very much like what I see here. Everything is green and looking very nice. Because of it being winter here the day the temperature is around  23C and in night 15C.

We went to see our boat and it looks great. I did not think that it would be so big and nice of a boat. Pictures don’t show the size well.  We spent a couple days trying to find where to put the boat in the water. This harder than we were thinking but hope soon we fix this. We want to live on our boat and stop renting a flat.

Next morning we decided go walk along the beach. This was very nice and we saw many different people. They make a lot of nice sand sculptures. If you want they have bike for rent or sneakers if you want have a run. They have a very long beach.Walked for a whole hour in one direction and we didn’t even reach the end.

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