Adventures in Sailing

Devil’s Island

We arrive at Royal’s Island 2 March at 1 am local time. Dropped anchor close to a cargo ship, had a beer and go sleep. We awake around 7 morning and move boat closer to the island. Royal island is very small and only a couple sailboat close to it.

First day we are go on the island and walk round. This is very small island where before they have a prison and kids cemetery.

These islands don’t have port control or store. Island have just one bar (in hotel) but very expensive. It takes maybe 2 hours to walk around the whole island.

Walking around the island we found a lot of coconuts. We see monkey and something that look like a rat. We decide not take dinghy to Devil’s island because there is a very big current and our dinghy motor is to small for it.

Island very small but every day 2 big catamaran coming from Brazil and bring maybe 30 people each one. March 4 we are awake in morning and start our sailing  to Grenada. A big cruise chip arrived at the Island just before we left.

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