Adventures in Sailing

Cut The Rope

So the last post was a little lacking in text and this ones a little lacking in photos as I didn’t have much time to snap photos so I guess it all evens out haha. Well where do I begin, I guess I can start with today we nearly crashed MissChief into the shoreline.

Well gonna have to back up a bit now and start from the beginning, so basically today the sailing school wanted to use the dock today so we were like, yeah sure we can move. So we moved out to the buoy tied up nearby and there was no other buoy(cause we ripped it out last time we were on the buoys cause we’re so heavy) so we put down an anchor out the back to stop us from swinging about. But we didn’t have an anchor chain so we just tied one of our anchors to one of our friend Calvin’s rope, attached it to the winch put in the dinghy and put the anchor down a decent distance away. So we anchored had no problem and then the sailing school was done for the day so we got ready to head back to the dock.

We tried to lift the anchor out by going over it with the dinghy and pulling it up by hand, but we had no luck so we undid the buoy and went over the with the whole boat and tried winching it up.  And that’s when problems started as the line just got stuck and we were like okay just keep trying to winch probably just stuck on the rock,but turns out while in neutral our propellers slow down but they don’t actually stop so the rope had gotten all wrapped around the right propeller and the tiller. So now due to undoing ourselves from the buoy only the anchor was holding us and we soon begin to drift into the shoreline only being a few meters away from crashing into a stone wall. The wind was quite high, we were stuck to the anchor still, we couldn’t turn and we had only left propeller.

After Tim went in the water and attempted to untangle the rope with no success, we were just about ready to cut the rope and sacrifice the anchor but then Richard motored over and helped us cut the rope past were it was tangled and pull up and salvage the anchor. With the weight of the anchor off the tiller it managed to loosen off enough for us to turn(very slow turning though as the tiller was still bogged down by the rope) but the right propeller was still too tangled to start. So battling against both the wind and our impaired steering we had to try to re-dock the boat and although we managed to dock we came in too fast and too much of an angle and we lost a big chunk of paint off the front. Fiberglass doesn’t appear damaged though fortunately so good news there. Although a very stressful experience we learned alot today and also lets give a big round of applause to Richard who really saved us today, he both saved our anchor and then roped his dinghy to our right side to act as our right propeller to get us to the dock.

P.S. We also managed to run over another buoy in our attempt to get back to the dock, MissChief really doesn’t seem to like Buoys


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