Adventures in Sailing

Christmas in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

As we made our way into Port Elizabeth the winds were blowing 20-25 knots and steering in the harbour was difficult.  We needed to find a place to moor the boat, but everything was full.  Someone saw us looking and radioed that we could tie up beside them.  It was a fishing boat Pegasus, that was tied up against another boat, which was tied up against the dock.

We didn’t venture far into Port Elizabeth as everything we needed was close to the marina.  The beer at the Yacht Club was a bit over priced (for South Africa), we found the Angling Club next store much nicer.  We met a Dutch boat that was at the East London with us as well.  The boys made some new friends at the angling club.  Overall our stay was uneventful, we made the necessary repairs and planned the next leg of the journey.

We checked the winds/weather again and again … the weather looked best to start on Christmas day for the passage to Cape Town.  We had Christmas Eve dinner at the fishing club and prepared for an early morning (4am) departure Christmas Day.

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