Adventures in Sailing

Kherson 2016-07

Lena & Sasha Visit Us in Kherson

Our good friends Lena & Sasha (from Odessa) came to visit us in Kherson for the weekend.  We thought we would first take a walk along the river close to where Anastasia lives.  We stopped to relax with a beer and shwarma.


Next we thought we would check out the Botanical Gardens (which is near the bus station) but we were sadly disappointed as it was very over-grown and was in need of some TLC.  Perhaps it is better in the spring but in the heat of the summer, not many people visit for sure.  Later in the evening we went back to our favourite bar (“Chocolate”) in downtown.  We had dinner, enjoyed a few mojitos and the hookah of course.


The next day was very hot, so we chartered a pontoon boat to take us on a tour of the Dnieper River which runs through Kherson.  It was a lot cooler on the water and we enjoyed cooling ourselves off swimming in the river.


Canada Day 2016 in Ukraine


Well the original plan was not to be in Ukraine for Canada Day, but we made the most of it.  All I had was my Red Roots shirt so I wore that.  We ventured to downtown Kherson and wandered around a bit.  First we stopped at “Istantbul” where we waited for 20 minutes without service.  So we got up and went over to “Beer Cave”.  Anastasia tried a Pina Colada and was extremely disappointed, but I guess what do you expect from a place called Beer Cave.  So we called up Anastasia’s friend Anastasia … this is going to get confusing now.  While we were waiting for her we wandered over to “Chocolate”.  A very nice outside restaurant by day and karaoke night club in the evening. The mojitos were exquisite.  The food was very good as well.  And the Hookah was awesome.  We stayed there a long time and toasted “Canada Day”.  Maybe a couple too many mojitos but all was good.