Adventures in Sailing

Bye – bye Ukraine!

We spent a long time in Kherson waiting for the boat to be ready. I’m very happy spending a long time with my girls but I see Tim is a little tired of being in Ukraine. Last day in Kherson we drove the girls with my mom to the village. This is a 1 hour drive from Kherson. We came back from the village on the bus. This was a very sad evening for me. It is always hard to say bye to my kids.


The next day we got up early in the morning and started packing for the trip to South Africa. We have a flight from Odessa and decide go there early to  see our  friends. We go with Lena & Sasha to restaurant ” Skandi. There we are see couple more our friends Victoria and Jerry ”  This was a very great time having dinner & couple drinks with our friends.


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