Adventures in Sailing

Boat ready go to water

Every day that passes everything on the boat comes closer to being ready. The guys are working a lot and so are we. Len built this cat over almost 4 years and nothing is very clean. It takes a lot of time to make everything clean and working. Electronics are finish installing and all cabins are ready to use. It took a long time to decide what sheets we wanted to have in each cabin. Now we are just waiting for the day that we have the permit to close the road for the boat to get to the water. We were hoping it would have happened any day now for a couple days already. All safety stuff is already on board the boat. Now we are just waiting for the move day that government gives to us, which has already taken a couple weeks. This is proving more difficult then we expected. It took a long time to just decide on what road we would take to Durban. Some roads are more risky and oversize truck are not allowed to go on the those roads. The road that we always drive on has added concrete protection and they think that this makes is to narrow for the boat to go through there. They’re still checking a lot of things before giving us a day to go and which road that we are allowed to take. We’re hoping that this will happen next weekend which makes it September 18. We’ve already decided where we will stay on the boat and this is a nice place just the weather is not so clean. Unfortunately, we will still need to stay around here a month before we can get the sails on our boat.


Toll Booth that might be to narrow enough to fit the boat through

Toll Booth that might be to narrow enough to fit the boat through

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