Adventures in Sailing

Dry Hopped Lager

Our Master Brewers have poured the company’s 139 year heritage into crafting a new lager, using its founder’s roots travelling the world in the Merchant Navy as inspiration. Charlie Wells Dry Hopped Lager is brewed with natural mineral water from a well sunk by Charles Wells himself in the early 1900s and the brewers combine several varieties of hops from around the world to create the beer’s slight bitterness, hoppy aroma and subtle maltiness with a deliciously smooth finish.

Brewed in true continental style, we use 100% malt in the mash and add in Target hops followed by a late addition of Styrian Goldings to add that really noble hop aroma. We ferment the beer cool with lager yeast for seven days, and what makes this beer really special is a two week cold conditioning stage with Australian Galaxy and Ella hops which brings out all that depth of flavour and dry hop character.


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Triple Hopped IPA

Dive into flavours both old and new and take your taste buds on an adventure through time. Your journey begins in 1800s England where IPAs were pale in colour and brewed with Goldings – the original IPA hop. Then fast-forward to the New World and revel in the tropical aromatics of Australian Galaxy and American Simcoe. This moreish brew has a gentle malt character and minerality, with a pronounced hoppy fruitiness.


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Bad Moon

Bad Moon releases classic malted-wheat flavour notes while the addition of other imported malts adds an even deeper complexity which has to be experienced, first hand.

 Pouring with the traditional white head, an aroma of the unique Amarillo hops from the US can be savoured in what is truly a world-class Weiss beer. A clear, easy to drink, Weiss beer is expertly brewed to be enjoyed by many different palates, on any occasion. Cold filtered for fuller flavour, it’s time to reach for the classic

 Handcrafted under the guidance of our Master Brewer

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Firebird IPA has been masterly brewed to give you the sensation of cruising along Route 66 with rock blazing on the stereo.

Our REDROCK brewmaster personally hand selected two Belgian malts, Crystal and Chateau Arome, to add distinctive colour and depth of flavour in creating this highly refreshing, easily quaffable IPA. A specially designed Hop Gun then circulates the dry hops, extracting the maximum aromatics for a unique hoppy flavour and perfect bitterness. Cold filtered for a consistently clean and clear finish.

 Handcrafted under the guidance of our Master Brewer

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Rusty Trigger

At last, an easy to drink, craft lager for true fans of great flavoured brewing. Inspired by Willie Nelson and more specifically his favourite, beat up Martin N-20 guitar (which he nicknamed “Trigger”), Rusty Trigger Lager delivers a taste as unique as Willie himself.

 Much in the same way that Willie blended country music, folk and jazz into his songs, we’ve created a truly distinguished blend through our meticulous mixing of late Oregon hops with Crystal and Munich malts to create top flavour notes. Cold filtered for fuller flavour it’s truly, the stuff that legends are made of.

 Handcrafted under the guidance of our Master Brewer


Storm Rider

Introducing the Pilsner that’s set to become as famous as the 1971 rock classic, “Riders On the Storm” by the immortal Jim Morrison of The Doors fame.

 In the same way that a Fender Rhodes electric piano created the sound of rain in the original song, we’ve included a unique blend of imported malts to create a full, rich taste complemented by the generous addition of four different hops (Southern Promise, Columbus, Hallertau and Saaz) from around the world which infuses the overall taste with lush complexity.

Storm Rider Pils takes its cues from the great Czech Pilsners and is specially cold filtered to be easy drinking – the calm after the storm. This is REDROCK’s version of the Monday beer aptly named after the legendary New York overnight DJ, Allison Steele, who always played “Riders on the Storm” on Monday nights, if it rained.

 Handcrafted under the guidance of our Master Brewer


Brewers Lager

Inspired by the admired reputation of early twentieth century all-malt beers, the Brewers Lager remains Jack Black Beer’s flagship lager. This pre-prohibition style lager boasts a great balance between the sweetness of malt and the tart bitterness of hops. Brewed with Pale Malt, Southern Promise and Saaz hops, this session beer delivers crisp citrus notes with a full body that displays its prowess on the palate. Its low alcohol percentage and refreshing flavour allows the drinker to enjoy the larger over a long period of time without the risk of overwhelming the palate.


Thunder Bird

Upfront juicy hops define this edgy beer, generous on flavour with an easy drinking citrus freshness on the finish. The Southern Ground Hornbill is the inspiration for this brew which is made reference to by many African cultures and thought to be the symbol behind the rainy season and thus taboo to be hunted.




Cbc Pilsner

Cape Brewing Company sources only the best aroma hops in the world which lends the CBC Pilsner its unique hoppy aroma and exquisite bitterness. Having undergone cold fermentation with specially sourced, bottom fermenting Pilsner yeast, the CBC Pilsner is brewed in the style of larger that delivers a satisfying body and enjoyable bitter finish. The aroma of hops dominates the nose, with the mixture of speciality malt and barley malt adding a subtle balance to its pronounced hops bitterness that dominates the palate.

Gypsy Mask

The Native Ale from Darling Brew showcases a glowing, rusty brown colour. Demonstrating a robust flavour profile of spicy hops with soft fruity aromas, the Native Ale displays a satisfying balance with a mild but enjoyable bitterness. Its pleasing balance and amiable fruity character lend the beer its easy-drinking quality, and rightly so, as it was specifically crafted to be consumed easily and often with a temperament of a good session beer. Darling Brew’s Native Ale has an approachable character that works well as a companion to hot curries and spicy dishes.



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