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St.Helena to Fernando de Noronha

We departed St Helena on 27 Jan 2017 early in the morning.  Last night we had changed our mind again about our next destination.  We were headed to Fernando de Noronha, a small island 300 kms off the coast of Brazil.  We had met a lot of friends in St Helena and hoped we would see them again on our trip either in Fernando de Noronha, Grenada, or …   Two of the yachts were Adina and Belafonte (Canadian couple).

We are have good sailing from St.Helena to Fernando de Noronha. First day we go fast and make 214 km and after this wind go down and the next 8 days we go very slow, with only 130 to 160 km per day. But this very good for fishing. Some day we are have very nice fishing days.

One day we are catch very scary and very ugly fish (type of Snoek I believe)

After this we go 10 more days more fast making 170 to 220 km per day. We go faster and like more but be hard every 3 hours drive boat. Our autopilot stop working before we come to St.Helena. Water come inside to autopilot and this why he just stop working. I love sailing and some days you see very nice sun set.

I have my shift for drive with 12 am  to 3 am. Marion just finish her time for drive 12 am and go sleep. This is 16 February time close to 1 am and big wave coming.  Marion sleep with open window and all water come on her. She scared and come very fast. She thinking storm coming and I need her help. After she see I’m fine and understand everything what happened she try clean her room and make her self dry. This take maybe 1 hour. Moon stay full and I see everything what happened.

Tim awake and take his shift 3 am. But after 2 hours drive he awake me and say we need close genoa because big wind coming. This take couple minutes for I coming and we see this already storm coming very big rain and wind. Close genoa we be very wet. Every one coming to salon and nobody don’t want go to sleep.

Day be very good we have great wind and go very fast. After to Island stay 1 hour drive and we very good start see land again big rain coming. We stop see land. We close genoa but we no start go more slow steal have very high speed. One just what good rain stop after 10 minutes and we start again see island. Moon be full but after rain we have fog and we are see where to go but not clear. After we start see boats we decide not go very close to them. We drop anchor and stop for night in Fernando de Noronha. We have couple beer and go sleep. Finish our  3200 km!

Devil’s Island to Grenada

March 4 we start sailing in the morning around 8 am. As we left a cruise chip arrived at Royal island.

Sailing from Devil’s Island to Grenada was great. Every day we enjoy nice sailing. Wind changed and we go not very slow but waves are on the side of us. Boat rocks more than before. Still the sailing is good . We always go not to fast round 8-10 km per hour and always have good fishing.  Some day we catch fish that clean big fish (suckerfish).

Take maybe a couple hours to get this fish from hook. We don’t want touch it and just drop back to water. Some day we catch fish that are good for eating

We see Tobago but I don’t have visa and so we do not stop there for a couple days.

We see crazy small boat in ocean between Grenada and Tobago.

Just one day sailing from Tobago to Grenada. We arrive at Grenada on 10 March around 10 am.

Call to port control and they said we need to go to yacht club or to Marina. We decide to go to the Marina. They have very big dock and our boat look small in that dock.

We have finished our long trip from South Africa!

Devil’s Island

We arrive at Royal’s Island 2 March at 1 am local time. Dropped anchor close to a cargo ship, had a beer and go sleep. We awake around 7 morning and move boat closer to the island. Royal island is very small and only a couple sailboat close to it.

First day we are go on the island and walk round. This is very small island where before they have a prison and kids cemetery.

These islands don’t have port control or store. Island have just one bar (in hotel) but very expensive. It takes maybe 2 hours to walk around the whole island.

Walking around the island we found a lot of coconuts. We see monkey and something that look like a rat. We decide not take dinghy to Devil’s island because there is a very big current and our dinghy motor is to small for it.

Island very small but every day 2 big catamaran coming from Brazil and bring maybe 30 people each one. March 4 we are awake in morning and start our sailing  to Grenada. A big cruise chip arrived at the Island just before we left.

Fernando de Noronha to Devil’s Island

We are awake early and Tim drove Marion to the beach in the dinghy, it was her last night with us. Yesterday we checked-out of Fernando de Noronha and said we are living before 7 morning so that we don’t pay for one more day. They have crazy price 80 USA dollars per night. After Marion go, Tim come back we take dinghy out, take anchor up and go. I think this around 9 am local time.

Because we are don’t have Marion anymore we use the autopilot and are happy just us together on the boat. We take turn on autopilot during the day.  Just between 8 pm to 8 am we are have shift for driving boat. If autopilot drive still always need check that it stays on course as sometimes the wind or current can be such that it cannot hold a certain direction. I usually take shift from 8 pm to 2 am and Tim with 2 am to 8 am. We have great time together. We are fishing and watch movies in the evening.

February 21 we caught a very big dolphinfish but while I’m cutting it the fish have nerve and I cut my finger very bad. I think I have small shock because I’m steal finish make fillet with this fish. Thank you Tim he help me with this.

After cut my finger we have one week with out fishing. We start fishing again with only 2 days left to Devil’s Island.  We caught a couple tuna but not very big and just drop them back.

We arrived at Devil’s Island on 2 march at 1 am local time. We are lucky and always come to Island in night. Come close to Island in night and see in front of us big cargo ship on anchor so we drop anchor close to this cargo ship and go sleep. In morning we are awake and go closer to the Island. There are a couple sail boat there as well. On the Island they don’t have check in and stay anchored for free.