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Life on the boat

Sometimes it’s a fun life not living in a normal house.  Everyday is different,  every day you need to think what you will do in the evening after the sun goes down. This is hard because the sun goes down at 6 pm and not to much to do now because we’re still on land. Last night we are turned up the music and had a small party with just two of us, but it was still a great and fun party. Hopefully this will be a little better after Sean & Brody are here. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done before the boat goes to water and some times we think that it’s good thing that we’ve been delayed because we are still on land with a workshop beside us so its easy to fix anything we find isn’t working right.  It is definitely easier to finish everything before we go on the water. Usually we like living on the boat because this is our new home and we love it.

Rental car under the boat

Rental car under the boat

Our first couple days on the boat

We are very happy with our decision to stop renting a flat on airbnb and move onto the boat (on land, It is still not ready for sailing but everything is working for living on. One thing that we aren’t allowed to do is use the toilets on the boat. We only have cold water because we don’t run the engines and the hot water tank is heated from the engines..  I try to finish cleaning and Tim wants to finish installing electronics. On the kitchen everything works well, we are trying the stove and oven. We just yesterday discovered that we have an electric oven (we assumed it was gas like the stove top). This made us a little sad. Our best decision was to buy a big fridge (no freezer),  we have a separate freezer.  This is very good as this way we will always have fresh food.  We already made dinner a couple times on the boat. It is nice live in our own place. Yesterday in evening we just sat outside and had a couple drinks and looked at the stars (Southern hemisphere).



Life in airbnb

We stayed at an airbnb for two and a half weeks. This was a very nice place and it had very good service. Our plan was to stay there for a week but the boat wasn’t ready to go to the water so we stayed longer. This flat was very close to grocery stores and many bars. These people (Heather & Greg) have a flat just for meeting new people. They are very nice and go above and beyond to make your stay comfortable. They invited us over for dinner one night and we had Indian Curry. We were very happy that we decided to stay there. Thank you (Heather & Greg) for your nice flat.  If you are ever in Durban, South Africa we highly recommend staying there. Here is the airbnb link.


A lot of shopping

After we rented a car – we started shopping. There are a lot of stores and we have a very long list of things we need to buy. Some days it takes all day just driving in the car and looking at stuff or taking something that we already bought to the boat. Already we bought almost everything that we need for the 4 bedrooms. This took many days but we are almost done.  Sometimes we stop shopping because the car is very full. We bought a very big fridge (346 liters) and a washing machine for 6 kilograms and very nice coffee maker that we have already put on the boat. Now we are thinking that we are going to need a lot of power on the boat.


Rent car

We were thinking of renting a car when we arrived in Durban but friends told to us that we could borrow their car if we wanted. But we waited 4 days already and so we just decided to go and rent a car at the airport. It is much cheaper to rent a car than to use Uber all the time and it has unlimited mileage.  After we got the car it made it a lot easier to go where we wanted.  The boat is an hour away from where we are staying so we are really going to need the car.  Other than that we are doing a lot of shopping as we need to buy a lot for the boat. But here there are rules for the driver : Always have closed windows and locked doors and need to drive on the other side. But we like to drive the car and have fun.


First couple days in Durban, South Africa

We arrived in Durban around 10 am and went for lunch at the yacht club with the boat broker (Roland) and the builder (Len) where we are thinking of mooring our boat. It is a very nice place and a lot of boats in the water.  I very much like what I see here. Everything is green and looking very nice. Because of it being winter here the day the temperature is around  23C and in night 15C.

We went to see our boat and it looks great. I did not think that it would be so big and nice of a boat. Pictures don’t show the size well.  We spent a couple days trying to find where to put the boat in the water. This harder than we were thinking but hope soon we fix this. We want to live on our boat and stop renting a flat.

Next morning we decided go walk along the beach. This was very nice and we saw many different people. They make a lot of nice sand sculptures. If you want they have bike for rent or sneakers if you want have a run. They have a very long beach.Walked for a whole hour in one direction and we didn’t even reach the end.

Bye – bye Ukraine!

We spent a long time in Kherson waiting for the boat to be ready. I’m very happy spending a long time with my girls but I see Tim is a little tired of being in Ukraine. Last day in Kherson we drove the girls with my mom to the village. This is a 1 hour drive from Kherson. We came back from the village on the bus. This was a very sad evening for me. It is always hard to say bye to my kids.


The next day we got up early in the morning and started packing for the trip to South Africa. We have a flight from Odessa and decide go there early to  see our  friends. We go with Lena & Sasha to restaurant ” Skandi. There we are see couple more our friends Victoria and Jerry ”  This was a very great time having dinner & couple drinks with our friends.