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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Boat Inspection

I took some advice from a good friend and decided that I had to see this boat in person before I could make any decisions.  So I booked a quick flight to Durban, South Africa on 28 April 2016 to check out the boat (50′ Jenks Customer Catamaran).   South Africa is a long ways in reality, and it is difficult to get things shipped to that country.  So I decided to bring two large duffel bags with loaded with things I wanted to bring on the boat.  The plan was, since I get 2 free bags I would take them now.  If I decided to buy the boat I would leave them there (at the builders house) and if not I would bring them back with me.

The agent (Roland Muller) picked me up at the airport.  Roland is a great guy and drove me all over showing me what I needed to get for the boat as well as driving me to the boat twice (45 minutes each way).

I loved the boat from the very start.  The builder had built a very strong and safe boat intended for him and his family.   Of course there are some things I would have preferred to be different, but overall I was very impressed.