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Monthly Archives: April 2016

The 50′ Jenks 2016

We weren’t even considering a new boat, but while we were inquiring about another boat (45′ Royal Cape) the broker mentioned a few other boats that he had for sale.  Originally I ignored the list, but eventually had a look.  The 50′ 2016 catamaran caught my attention so I asked for more info.  I got quite a bit of info and some photos.  It was a custom made boat, based on a stretched 45′ Royal Cape.  The boat maker had made 90+ boats and decided to make one last boat for his family before he retired.  By the time the boat was almost ready, the family had made other plans so the boat was put for sale.  It is not quite finished but is very close.  The new owners get to choose the soft furnishings (cushions, mattresses, curtains, etc).  We have had quite a few email exchanges and are seriously considering it.

The 47′ Leopard

We found a 47′ Leopard in Australia that we really liked. It looked in very good condition but still needed new standing rigging.  When we added in all the costs to make it ready to sail, the price seemed a bit high.  We put in a low offer (what we thought it was worth) anyway and it was declined (no counter offer).  We decided to wait a week to see if we wanted to put in another offer.  In the end we just let it go.

The Name (MissChief)

We finally decided on a name for the boat … a bit of a play on words.   The definition of the word mischief is: playful misbehavior or troublemaking.  Added a second ‘S’ … and she is the chief.  Errr… something like that.